Quick start

Start using this amazing theme and jump-start your development with some amazing ready to use components and pages.


You purchased and downloaded Quick? Then, you probably want to also see it working live in your browser. There are a few things you need to do before getting started:

SVG Injector

We use a a fast, caching, dynamic inline SVG DOM injection library in order to keep the HTML markup clean. Because of this, you will need to run a local web server so it can work properly:

Development tip: The dynamic injection process uses AJAX calls to load SVG. If you are developing locally without running a local webserver, be aware that default browser security settings may block these calls.

Use one of the options below to open a local web server:


If you already have a set up development server, then you can simply copy and paste Quick within the directory. After that, you should be able to access it in your browser via localhost.


Don’t have an already set up development server. No worries! you can start a server using Gulp. Read more about the build tools in our docs. This will start server that can be accessed via http://localhost:3000 automatically and also watch for any changes you might make.